Rapid Content Wizard Review – How Good Is It with Content Creation

Content creation is a very painstaking process, especially when you do not have the writing skills or the time or energy to invest in writing fresh content from scratch. The Rapid Content Wizard application, brought out by Sean Donahoe and Alan Brown, promises to help you to write great articles which are 100% original and Google friendly. Take a look at this Rapid Content Wizard Review to know how well this application fares and whether or not it is actually worth the hype.

The Performance

When you check the performance, the application is found to surprise you with its functionality. Content creation is really easy with this software and you can create posts very well with its user friendly interface that leaves really no room for any complaint. You would just need to type in your keywords and the software will search for and bring you the right snippets associated to the key phrase from various article directories as well as Wikipedia. Two built-in spinners, The Best Spinner and Spin Rewriter, allows you to spin the articles you create and make them completely original and free from plagiarism issues.

What is good?

You will love the auto-post feature to your WordPress websites and the Facebook profile page of your choice. This app also hunts for related photos from Flickr, videos from YouTube and products from Amazon to make your posts richer and more interesting. You can also schedule your posts and publish them easily and automatically, without turning your attention to them again. The built-in word processor helps spell check the posts before they are finally published and you can rest assured that the app for content creation also does an able job on the grammatical front and gives you no headaches to encounter later on.

What is bad?

Content creation is not really seamless with this app and you would find some lack of support from the end of the makers. In case of any queries or technical issues, you can expect the support staff to reach back to you after 4 days, which can be an excruciatingly painful wait if you have some urgent content creation requirements. The downloading of the app can also give you some problems in the initial stages, although second or third attempts will do the trick and the installation itself is very easy, even for novices. Another issue is the fact that the app does not really generate fully readable and logically patterned articles and you need to work on them a bit to make them look sensible and well-arranged for readers.

Should You Go For It?

The verdict of this this Rapid Content Wizard Review is positive and you should obviously go for this app if you would want to generate bulk content and do not have a proper writing team in place. As an online marketer or a webmaster having just newly started out, this software can be manna from heaven for you. If you are ready to do some manual corrections in your posts, this app will be worth your money.

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